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    Presented by the Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation in partnership with the Greater Bellevue Area Chamber of Commerce

    Identify Educate Inspire Sense

    Leadership’s mission is to identify, educate and inspire leaders to serve our community. Leadership programs are carried out through the efforts of more than 500 alumni volunteers, and a small staff.

    Though Leadership Bellevue is patterned after similar community leadership programs throughout the U.S., our program is unique to the challenges and issues facing the Bellevue-Offutt community.

    The Purpose

    A dynamic, progressive community requires leadership of the highest order. Leadership Bellevue identifies people who are emerging leaders within the Bellevue area and offers them a broad range of exposure to issues vital to the community. Through contact with a variety of experts, participants expand their leadership skills, knowledge, and influence on their community. LB is an educational forum, which includes interaction with other members of the class, guest speakers and the area’s top decision-makers—people who are shaping the Bellevue of tomorrow. It is an opportunity to develop an understanding of how Bellevue works and to build a network that encompasses the many aspects of our community’s affairs.

    To achieve its purposes, LB:

    • identifies and develops potential business and community leaders;
    • acquaints participants with community issues;
    • offers various processes for dealing with Bellevue’s needs and opportunities;
    • challenges Bellevue’s future leaders to more effective community involvement, and
    • offers opportunities and processes to enhance personal leadership skill levels.


    The Program

    Leadership Bellevue is designed to sharpen leadership skills by helping participants sense what Bellevue needs. The program exposes future leaders to the past, present and future of the community, by combining presentations by current leaders, tours, panel discussions and dialogue between participants and community decision-makers.

    The goal is to bring participants face to face with the challenges Bellevue is meeting and to inspire them to accept responsibility for providing necessary leadership.

    Each Session is a full day. Social opportunities encourage participants to become better acquainted and foster mutual interests in working together to address challenges facing this progressive, growing community. Leadership Bellevue is a springboard into community awareness and leadership.

    The Benefits

    Leadership Bellevue graduates benefit in many areas. Participants refine skills and realize potentials, review Bellevue’s history and become a part of its future.

    They examine connections between various community systems. Students gain direct experience in new areas and establish valuable relationships – both personal and professional – that endure long after graduation.

    Employers or sponsoring organizations benefit from the invaluable insights and experience gained, as well as, from participants’ improved leadership skills and involvement in the community.

    And, Bellevue benefits because it has gained additional responsible, civic-minded leaders who know how to work toward the good of the community.

    The ItineraryThe class itinerary consists of many opportunities for business and professional development. Prior class schedules have included: one-on-one with the Governor and Nebraska State Senators, lunch with local Congressman and Senators, Leadership Education and Resources, tour and briefings at Offutt Air Force Base, community economic development and business tours, City and County briefings, education institution briefings and tours, quality of life issue briefings, along with community information and history.

    The Tuition

    The tuition for LB is $750.00 for Bellevue Chamber Investors/$850.00 for non-investors. Tuition covers the cost of meals, activities and materials. Business firms and organizations usually pay tuition for their candidates. However, individuals may pay their own fees. A limited number of scholarships are available to assist those who otherwise might be unable to participate.

    The Selection

    Leadership Bellevue is held each month from January through November. Candidates for the ten month plus program should: possess a desire to develop strong leadership skills and interpersonal relationships; have a genuine interest in Bellevue and in learning to work effectively with the community; and be committed to attending and participating in each and every class session.Applications will be accepted starting in November until the first week of December. Please Contact Faith Morrison at 402.504.9774 or email with any questions.

    The Participants

    LB selects approximately 15-20 representative participants from among the area’s business, professional, government, social and service organizations who have demonstrated interest in the community and who have displayed potential as emerging leaders in their careers or private lives. While each participant will contribute his or her special background, knowledge and interests to the program, all candidates share certain characteristics. Among these are:

    • demonstrated interest and talent in community service;
    • the aspiration to serve in leadership roles;
    • a strong likelihood of remaining in the Bellevue area;
    • the full endorsement and support of their employer;
    • a high level of responsibility in their chosen field, and
    • a desire to become part of a network of personal and professional contacts active in community affairs.


    Prior community involvement is an important consideration in the selection process.

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