• Leadership Bellevue

  • 2021 Leadership Bellevue

    Presented by the Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation in partnership with the Greater Bellevue Area Chamber of Commerce

    Connect with other leaders
    Meet people who shared commitment to community;
    Build a diverse, long-term network; and
    Promote the organization you represent.
    Cultivate skills and knowledge.
    Build your skills in leadership, communication, and citizenship;
    Gain knowledge about challenges and issues facing the Bellevue Area; and
    Explore the interrelationships of government, business, education, health
    Services, arts/culture, environment and the broader community.
    Contribute to the vitality of the Bellevue Area
    Help people who live in the communities you care about;
    Ensure the continued health and well-being of the Bellevue Area; and
    Give back to your community.
    “Developing Future Leaders-Connecting to our Community”
    Leadership Bellevue is dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning experience that cultivates
    community leadership while participants explore key community issues and avenues of involvement.
    Following an orientation in March, participants meet for a full-day session the 2nd Tuesday of the month,
    March thru October.  Program focuses on applying leadership skills to facets of the Bellevue community 
    including Environmental/Natural Resources, Educations, Government, Health & Human Services, Community Life, and business & Industry/Economic Development.
    In addition, small groups work on projects designed to enhance awareness of community problems, identify 
    systems and methods to effect change.  
    The groups meet on their own time outside Leadership Bellevue scheduled sessions.
    Higher Quality Organizations
    More Effective Organizations
    Increased Collaborations
    Decreased Duplication of Community Services
    Broader Base for Community Leadership Responsibility
    Better Business Professionalism
    The tuition fee is $1,000 for members and $1,100 for non-members.  Tuition is expected upon admittance into Leadership Bellevue  and is non-refundable.

    If selected as a Leadership Bellevue participant, I understand that I am committing myself to involvement in the community upon graduation from the program.
    Selection Criteria for Leadership Bellevue
    The most important factor in the selection process is identifying those individuals most apt to utilize their
    leadership for the long-term benefit of our community.  The basic criteria is to select:
    *Individuals who have demonstrated an interest or who show sincere commitment, motivation and
       interest to serve in the community.
    * Those intending to seek public office; serve on boards, commissions, or key volunteer leadership roles.
    * Individuals who have the potential or have demonstrated an interest in community involvement.
    * Participants who demonstrate that they have an open mind and are willing to commit to the quality of     life.
    * Those with potential or existing opportunities for advancement to top leadership positions within their     own organizations, which may in turn play a significant role in the community.
    * Those with occupational commitments to remain the Bellevue area.
    * A cross-section of participants from all sectors of the community.

    Please Contact Faith Morrison at 402.504.9774 or email with any questions.