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  • Bellevue-Offutt Welcome Bag

    Include a company flyer, coupon, or marketing product in the welcome bags distributed to the Bellevue-Offutt community newcomers. You are not limited to only one item; you may include marketing material and swag. This is distributed the first Wednesday of every month at Right Start at Offutt AFB. Average attendance is 75-150. And every attendee gets a bag.                 

    Member:  $300.00 annually                                                                                      

    Non-Member:  $600.00 annually


    E-Blast is a paid advertisement that you create, and we send to Bellevue Chamber contacts. Email Blast goes to over 3000 emails. Campaign or political advertisements are permitted based on membership and Chamber’s right of refusal. The Bellevue Chamber reserves the right to deny or edit advertisements.   

    Membership E-Blast:  $150.00 per email blast                                                     

    Non-Membership E-Blast:  $300.00 per email blast   

    Mailing Label

    Members mailing labels or list are available for purchase. *Lists range from 450-3,500 depending on groups you'd like to include.

    Membership Set of Labels:  $150.00 per set                                                         

    Non-Membership Set of Labels:  $300.00 per set

    WEB Advertising

    Your  paid advertisement that you create and we post on our website . Political advertisements are not permitted.  The Bellevue   Chamber reserves the right to deny advertisements.   

    Homepage Banner Ads - $150 for 30 days                     

    Directory Banner Ads - $599 for 1 year                                    

    Enhanced Listings - $299 for 1 year

    Enhanced Listings are a paid website feature that gives your business a major visibility boost in our Member Directory. Your business is placed at the top of listing pages along with your logo and company description. This helps you stand out and makes it immediately clear to viewers what your company is all about.

    Newsletter/Business Brief

    Paid advertisement that you create and is published. This is published digitally and shared on our website, social media and sent out as a Constant Contact. Campaign or political advertisements are not permitted. The Bellevue Chamber reserves the right to deny advertisements. 

    One Simple Ad Rate for Appearance in 4 Issues

    1/8 Page 4.25" x 2.5" - $240

    1/4 Page 4" x 4.5" - $480

    1/2 Page 8.25" x 4.5" - $800

    Full Page $1400

    Chamber Sponsorship

    With a number of different groups and over 180 events throughout the year, there are a number of ways to utilize sponsorship and partnership as a marketing tool at the Bellevue Chamber. Make your BRAND heard above the NOISE! Join over 25 fellow chamber members that have become Patriot, Star and Stripes sponsors. Chamber sponsorship takes the WORK out of yearly budgeting and event participation.  Please email Lisa@bellevuenebraska.com if you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities.


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