• Child Development Center Food Service Worker

    Offutt Air Force Base Force Support Squadron
    Job Description
    ***Completion of DD Form 2981, Basic Criminal History and Statement of Admission, is required.
    DD Form 2981 is located under “My Work with Children” in Profile page.***
    ***NOTE: For current appropriated fund (APF) employees, portability pay setting rules apply (REF: AFMAN 34-310, NAF Personnel Program Management and Administration Procedures, para***
    ***Internal NAF applicants pay may be set according to applicable pay setting rules.***
    DUTIES: Sets up cafeteria lines, steam tables, dining room tables, and side service stands with hot and cold food items including meats, vegetables, salads, desserts, bread, butter and beverages.  Serves food cafeteria style.  Breaks down and cleans area when meals are complete.  Sets up dinning room tables for service, places food and beverages on tables, and replenishes items as necessary.  Sets up and operates dishwashers, performs preventive maintenance and cleaning.  Scrapes, soaks, scours and scrubs bowls, pots and pans.  Also performs heavy duty cleaning tasks such as ceilings, exhaust hoods, under and behind kitchen equipment, washes floors and walls, walk-in refrigerators and freezers, sanitizes garbage cans.  May unload food from delivery trucks.  Collects and transfers trash from work area to disposal area. Assembles and tosses fresh fruit or green salads in quantity using prepared dressings, serves into standard serving sizes.  Makes cold sandwiches using prepared ingredients.  Makes coffee, tea and other beverages. Performs other related duties as assigned.
    QUALIFICATIONS: Must be able to follow simple oral instructions, be able to use hand tools for cleaning, and operate simple machines.  Must be skilled in doing tasks with several steps and must use judgment in sequencing tasks.  Must have knowledge of sanitation standards in handling and serving food, and for cleaning equipment and work area.  Must be physically able to frequently lift or move objects weighing up to 40 pounds.  Must be able to continuously stand and walk, and frequently stoop, reach, push, pull and bend for long periods of time.  Must be able to satisfactorily complete a pre-employment physical.  Must be able to obtain a Food Handler’s Certificate and/or complete food handler's training.  Must be able to satisfactorily complete a Tier 1 (T1) investigation. 
    BENEFITS: Flexible (Flex) employment category position with no benefits.  This is a permanent intermittent position.  Guaranteed hours are zero (0) hours per week.
    OTHER REQUIREMENTS: Applicants claiming Preferences must attach required documentation:
    -Military Spouse- Permanent Change of Station (PCS) order
    -Transition Hiring Preference- Transition Assistance Identification Card
    -Veteran's Preference- Member copy 4 of Applicant's DD form 214
    When claiming Spouse Preference, current or previous federal employees must be included the highest grade held in their resume. This includes both appropriated and non-appropriated fund positions
    "All Federal NAF Employees are required by PL 104-134 to have salary payments made by electronic funds transfer/direct deposit."
    "Any individual who was required to register with Selective Service
    and who is not registered or knowingly and willfully did not register before
    the requirement terminated or became inapplicable, will not be appointed."
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