Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation

If you registered your Baker’s card in 2015 to support the Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation, please go online and register again to support in 2016. If you have not done so yet, please do so today! This election won’t change what you receive from using your card.



If you already shop at Baker’s, you just need to register your Baker’s card on-line today and select the Foundation to support.


When:  Now!

Where:  Baker’s (3614 Twin Creek Drive or 801 Galvin Road South or any Baker’s, Dillons or Gerbes)

What:  Community Rewards

Who:  Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation


Do you shop at any Baker’s, Dillons or Gerbes in Bellevue and the Metro Area?  Do you have a Baker’s Plus Card?  If so, please consider supporting the Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation.  All you need to is register your card on-line with an email, password and zip code at  If you already have your account registered, you just need to sign in and pick the foundation as the organization to receive the donation.  This will not cause any changes for what you receive (example:  your gas points, digital coupons, etc.). It is a corporate donation from the Baker’s company and benefits the foundation through your election as part of their community support.


The final step after registering your card is to enroll in the rewards program for the Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation.  You do that by either entering the name (Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation) and picking the foundation from the search list or entering the NPO number which is 29393.


Now go to Baker’s and shop as usual and the foundation will earn funds!  The community rewards program will pay up to a maximum of $30,000 every cycle.  So the more you shop at Baker’s, the more the foundation will earn.


One final step (but you will receive a reminder) is this requires a yearly renewal for the foundation to continue to benefit from your purchases.


So, if you shop at Baker’s, please consider signing up today and show your support to the Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation.


This program is funded as part of the Community rewards program through Dillons.  It cost you nothing additional on your purchases, but you have to have a Baker’s savers card, register the card on-line with an e-mail and pick the Bellevue Economic Enhancement Foundation as your community rewards company, so the foundation will begin to receive funding.  Thank you for your support.


Please sign up today and support Economic Growth in Bellevue!