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    Our Vision

    The Bellevue Offutt Rising Professionals (BORP) is a non-profit, created by and for individuals focused on engaging rising business professionals in our community.
    Our main focus is to bridge and connect our local Bellevue residents and businesses to our military professionals, strengthening the Bellevue/Offutt community’s long-term economic vitality and quality of life. BORP concentrates on Professional Development, Civic Engagement, and Mentoring and Networking. We work specifically on these four areas to offer our members monthly events that help develop them professionally and personally.
    BORP is excited to play a crucial role in the success stories of rising professionals in our local community and to welcome them as new members! This innovative group strives to break the “mold” of professional groups in the area by setting a new standard for personal/professional growth.

    What Benefits Do Our Members Enjoy?
    ▪ Access to a growing network of civilian and military business professionals in the Bellevue Region.
    ▪ Grow your career with professional and personal development and coaching.
    ▪ Mentorship matching with community leaders, elected officials and business owners.
    ▪ Enjoy and participate in athletic, recreational, and cultural activities.
    ▪ Connect with other members at every event and network with prominent leaders in the community.
    ▪ Influence the future direction of the city through events focused on government, public policy and community service.
    ▪ Sponsorship and investment opportunities provide your company recognition at monthly events, meetings, and all media outlets.
    ▪ Keep abreast of upcoming events, community happenings and volunteer opportunities through our website, Facebook page, and Linkedin Group.
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    If you're interested in corporate memberships or group/event sponsorship's, please contact Lisa Wilson office: 402-452-3901 cell: 402-671-3736 email: Lisa@bellevuenebraska.com
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