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Bellevue Nebraska’s strong Pro-Business climate, low cost of living, dependable workforce, transportation assets, and growing economy are great for Business.

The Bellevue Nebraska Chamber serves as the catalyst for economic development activities in our community. It serves as a single point of contact for prospective and existing businesses in their efforts to establish a new business or to expand existing operations.

The Economic Development department within the Bellevue Nebraska Chamber concentrates on fostering economic growth in business and industry through the retention and expansion of existing businesses in our area and by working to attract new employers to the area.

The Bellevue/Offutt economy is blessed with a stable and diverse industrial base. The location of such a progressive industry in the Region is no accident. Business and industry are drawn to the area by our strong pro-business climate, nationally recognized schools, outstanding medical facilities, one of the nation’s lowest costs of living and a labor force with one of the nation’s best work ethics. And, of course, business leaders also praise the region’s transportation assets, communication facilities, mild climate, high quality of life, recreational opportunities and its natural scenic beauty.

The Region’s economic growth is no accident. Economic development does not just happen. The Bellevue/Offutt region is fortunate to have Cities, Counties and Chambers of Commerce that work together to promote economic growth and enhance our Regional quality of life.  Looking to grow your business in Bellevue or Sarpy county please contact Jim Ristow at 402-281-4997 or email