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Business Education

Bellevue University – Corporate Strategic Initiatives


As a national thought leader in the ROI on Human Capital, Bellevue University is committed to advancing the science and effectiveness of corporate learning. To that end, we share our knowledge with Chief Learning Officers and give you the support you need to make a difference in your organization.


Work with Bellevue University to:


  • Create innovative talent strategies that align with corporate goals.
  • Measure the KPI impact of learning programs.
  • Develop customized learning and training programs.
  • Support your personal learning and development goals.
  • Create a pipeline of organizational leaders.
  • Access the latest thinking about what works to create ROI impact in the organization.
  • As the leading and most awarded accredited university in the field, Bellevue University is committed to advancing the science and efficacy of corporate learning.

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Bellevue Offutt Rising Professionals

What are the Bellevue Offutt Rising Professionals?

Our main focus is to bridge and connect our local Bellevue residents and businesses to our military professionals, strengthening the Bellevue/Offutt community’s long-term economic vitality and quality of life. BORP concentrates on Professional Development, Civic Engagement, and Mentoring and Networking. We work specifically on these four areas to offer our members monthly events that help develop them professionally and personally. Call Lisa 402-452-3901 for more information.